I appreciated the ease of working with Chelsea and her openness to going in different directions, her genius in opening brilliantly innovative windows of perception, and her skill in integrating a look for not one, but two related websites. Everyone who has seen them has said, “Awesome–beautiful!” I highly recommend her work.

 – Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT; Director of Training at The Hendricks Institute & Co-author of 10 books

Most designers fancy themselves as artists, which generally means they understand design but are clueless when it comes to business. Chelsea is an artist with a business brain, and that means she creates designs of stunning beauty that pack a serious marketing punch.

She designed three websites for me, plus all the sexy swag to go along with them — business cards, logos, website headers, custom web pages, and social media icons. Her designs have directly impacted the bottom line of my business, by helping me to look more professional through a powerful, living brand. She did the work fast and on-budget, and was incredibly responsive to my feedback.

Chelsea is the only designer I work with, and she’s the first one I recommend to any of my clients who are looking for design. Creative and smart, punctual and professional, she’s one of the very best in the biz.

– Keith Martin-Smith; coach, author & copywriter at The Art & Practice of Writing 

Chelsea created 5 different designs for me, one for each of my signature offerings. Her designs are bright, distinctive and inventive. Plus, working with Chelsea is always a pleasure. She’s prolific and thoughtful. I really respect her eye for design, and whenever I need feedback from someone I trust to help make my message visual, she’s my go-to woman. She’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met, and her passion for art infuses everything in her life. Hire her and be dazzled!

– Sara Avant Stover; teacher, author, and High Priestess at The Way of the Happy Woman

Simple and high quality. Those are the words I would use to describe my experience with Chelsea. I sent a brief description of what I was looking for in my new website and then spoke with her for less than 45 minutes about the artistic direction for the site – Wham! It was done, done right, and done beautifully – I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone looking for top tier creative.

 – Mark T. Smith, Celebrated American Painter

Chelsea is one of the most intuitive designers I have ever worked with!  In our initial meeting she immediately understood my aesthetic (and me) and she landed my website design right away. Her work is elegant and refined and my website feels like a beautiful representation of my essence. I get compliments on the site all the time and still light up every time I see it myself. Chelsea’s work has done wonders for my business. I am beyond grateful. 

– Sweigh Emily Spilkin; Somatic Psychotherapist and Soul Guide




Chelsea is more than an graphic designer, she’s a visual architect of the human experience. Her innate talent and skill-of-heart is matched only by her impeccable care, speed and delivery of products. She’s the only designer I work with…period.

 – Kelly Sosan Bearer; Conference Director & Producer at Buddhist Geeks

Chelsea is a one in a million designer. She knows how to be with the creative cycle in a very unique way and encourages her clients to open to their own creativity.  Over the past few years, she has designed for our business on a multitude of occasions (websites, flyers, t-shirts, kickstarter, etc.) and continues to innovate and grow. Her designs are heartfelt and I highly recommend her.

 – Emily Horn; Community Director and Partner at Buddhist Geeks

All my marketing materials – my website, letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc. – flow effortlessly now. I have a beautiful color palette to work with and fonts that I love.  I know this all sounds techie but take it from me, it really does matter to have all of this stuff be congruent.  My business has expanded a great deal as well, and I honestly attribute that to my website, and the feeling of my website, being so in sync with my business and my message. That all happened because of Chelsea.

I came to the game clueless about graphic design and web design and Chelsea really gave me an amazing tutorial.  I learned all about my header and other intricate details of my website from her.  Chelsea was extremely creative and really took the time to work with me to help form a vision of what I wanted my website to feel like. Once we had that down, she very patiently took the time to work through a couple of mock-ups (is that how you say it?)  until I felt like it was perfect.  She is a master with colors and palettes and I am still so happy with the look and feel of my site!

Look no further for a graphic web designer!  Chelsea is great at listening to what you want and need.  Because I was such a beginner at website design, it was hard for me to articulate what I wanted my website to look like.  Chelsea really took the time to hone in on my definition of a great site – for me, and worked with me until I felt it was perfect.  I couldn’t recommend her enough! 

– Heather CareyCulinary Nutritionist

I am absolutely in love with Chelsea’s work. I knew I wanted to hire her after seeing other websites she had designed. What I didn’t know was how understood and held I would be in the process. Her warmth and playfulness made the process a total delight.  The first thing people comment on when the go to my site is “It’s so beautiful!” It makes me smile every time. Chelsea Linsley is a supremely talented designer, and a stunning human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough! 

– Carmen Cool; Psychotherapist, Educator, Activist

With a beautifully designed website and brand that reflect me and the work I do, I feel empowered and LOVE sending people to my site! I’ve gotten more traffic, more newsletter subscribers, and more blog posts going viral. Also, it’s now a common occurrence for me to meet someone for the first time and for them to say, “Hey, I’ve been to your website! I love it!”

Chelsea is AWESOME to work with. For starters, her taste is exquisite. I’d trust very few designers with my high standards. Come on, she hand-drew the exact flowers I wanted! Between my high standards and also not really knowing what I wanted (oh, the ever-shifting branding visions of the solopreneur), it was a miracle that she nailed it on the first try and gave me something I could say YES to!

I never recommend anyone other than Chelsea. In my mind she is THE designer. Period. End of story. She’s got an amazing taste for quality, an enormous artistic range, and is just a treat to work with. I know she’s going to understand my vision and make it even better than what I can imagine. I am consistently impressed with her.

– Sundara Blair; Therapist, Teacher, Writer

I’m currently on my third project with the immensely creative Chelsea Brady. She is a delight to work with and I can’t say enough about the artistic graphics she has birthed on my websites.  I am grateful to have someone like Chelsea to recommend to friends and colleagues. Chelsea is simply superb at her craft!

  – Reneé Rosario; Enneagram Teacher

Chelsea was awesome in helping me choose textures, colors and images to create the site’s mood and tone. I loved the mood boards as I could get a felt sense of the site before all the work was finished. She was patient as I made revisions and refreshingly honest if she thought something wouldn’t work or was incongruent with my message.

Yet, the logo she created is what rocked my world!   It was almost as if she channeled the image as it so clearly conveyed the seemingly disparate elements in my work into one cohesive whole. This is one creative woman.

  – Leslie Hershberger; Enneagram Teacher

Chelsea’s demeanor is professional, her creativity a fountain, and her ability to get at the heart of what a client wants is a true talent. I happened to meet Chelsea in person and fell in love with her. I am sure Chelsea has this affect on everyone in both her professional and private life. It is impossible to not be impressed with her zest for life and her brand of art and beauty created especially for you.”  

– Katherine Konner; Integral Coach

Chelsea will structure your project while holding your vision. She’s very technically competent and creatively gifted. Working with Chelsea is easy and professional, her creative sense in using design and color to best suit your project is an experience you can count on; plus, you will enjoy a creative spirit of building something together as a team. 

– Chris Menné